Dell Technologies as a company is helping organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform the way they work, live, and have fun. The company provides customers with the widest and the most innovative portfolio of technologies and services suited for the information era. It distributes and implements its solutions in as many as 180 countries worldwide and provides technologies for as many as 99% of companies within the Fortune 500 list of the most profitable companies in the world. Globally, Dell Technologies employs as many as 145,000 people. The quality of company’s solutions and the professionalism of the employees are confirmed by numerous awards in the field of technological innovation, sustainable development, customer support and its placement in numerous influential world ranking lists.

The guiding thought of Dell Technologies is to create technology that helps customers and customers in their daily business, enabling incredible creativity. Such technology must be powerful but also simple and easily accessible. The biggest inspiration for the company is the customers themselves, whose satisfaction creates the foundation with which Dell Technologies enables a complete digital transformation of the business. A large part of the corporate vision is the development of sustainable solutions, where technology is produced and packaged from a variety of sustainable materials. All Dell Technologies teams are united by a strategy and work culture that fosters diversity and trust in creating technologies that change humanity.

Dell Technologies‘ portfolio is exceptional by all standards. The first part of the company’s portfolio are solutions from the Client Solutions Group (CSG), which include laptops, desktops, fixed and portable workstations, monitors, projectors, computer peripherals and so on. Among them, brands such as Latitude, Optiplex, and Precision computers and high-performance workstations stand out in the offer. Furthermore, among the peripherals it is possible to find quality mice, keyboards, headphones, and everything that is additionally needed not only for each individual user, but also for the needs of the entire business.

The second part of the portfolio consists of products from the Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG). These include storage and hyperconverged infrastructure, servers, and solutions from the cloud to the edge. This offer is designed for customers who want to secure the work foundations as well as the network of their business and large systems to become more competitive in the digital marketplace.

In addition, Dell Technologies boasts several software solutions in the areas of security, optimization, operating systems, digital creation, and many other uses, where great attention is placed on continuous software updates.