Customer Service and Support is the largest sub-segment of the Customer Experience software market. Within Customer Service and Support, there is an emerging category called Digital Customer Service, which focuses on interactions that are digital, mobile, customer-initiated, and fast.
A major goal for companies that interact with customers across many channels is to help the customer feel like they are having one consistent conversation with the company, where their account information and context is always considered. Gartner calls this “continuous conversations.”
In last few years, a lot of trends are happening exactly in Self-Service area. Millennium generations are growing up and becoming service consumers. They are used to digital channels and tools. Also, Coronavirus pandemic brought changes to us since people spent more time inside the homes, working from home and spent more time in front of computers and smart phones.
Customers are becoming more self-sufficient and empowered than ever with immediate access to information wherever they are. Organizations are struggling to meet the increasing demands of their customers. Consistent omnichannel experiences become very important.