Udo Knips, AED-SICAD (VertiGIS)


The German Multi-Utility EnBW ODR is a major multi-utility in Germany, just north of Stuttgart, supplying 120 villages with electricity and 71 with gas. It is the subsidiary of EnBW, the third largest DSO in Germany. They are using since many years ArcGIS and UT for ArcGIS from AED-SICAD to document and analyze their assets, and they also use SAP on the asset management side. For certain workflows, an early registration of assets within the GIS is required for greater visibility within the company, but the workflows do typically start in SAP. For example, for applications for solar panels, or also simply for applications for a new service point “electricity” or “gas” or both, the SAP is the first system to learn about this. With the new front-end integration, SAP users can now use a geo-tab within their SAP GUI to automatically position (i.e. draw) e.g. the solar panel application or the new service point according to the address. The SAP System sends update to the GIS system. This integration greatly improves the data quality of the master data and makes the capturing process at least 30% more efficient.